Welcome to HindeSite

HindeSite Ltd is a Recruitment Consultancy specialising in IT recruitment services.

Established in 2001, HindeSite Ltd has proven to be a successful competitor in today’s Recruitment Industry providing specialist advice and quality people to some of the largest blue chip organisations worldwide.

Through understanding Client needs, proven integrity, and sheer dedication, Hindesite Ltd has an excellent reputation and long standing relationship with all of its clients.

What do we do?

HindeSite Ltd provides a quality RECRUITMENT SOLUTION dealing with all aspects of your requirements from the initial pre-conception to post Candidate Care Service.

HindeSite Ltd does not want to simply “make a placement”, it wants to;

  • Identify WHAT the client needs to move forward and build their business
  • Understand HOW this new recruit will assist in the process
  • Assist to HELP your organisation to grow with quality people

Contact Us now to see how you can benefit from our services.